10 best reviewer comments in meme: part 3

It’s that time again – time to deal with reviewer comments. A little bit of cheering up is needed! Here are my favorite reviewer comments in meme based on Sh*tmyreviewerssay. Also check out part 1 and part 2. Enjoy!

1.I found the use of the evolutionary theory problematic. This is a highly contested theory and the authors did not strongly justify their decision to use it, nor attend to some of the major flaws of the theory.

evolutionary theory

2.The fact that something has not been studies is not, in itself, a reason why it should be studied.     



3.What do you mean by [name of scientist]’s conception? Don’t you mean ideas? [name of scientist]’s conception took place when his mum and dad made him



4.It reads like papers often do when they are written in LaTeX. Reject.



5.The authors should refer to the super interesting article on this topic in Wikipedia.  



6.To be frank, it was boring to read once one got past the beginning. This is rather ironic given the paper is about humour. 



7.Your piece is very well written and researched. I think the is interesting, but not particularly useful. 



8.There is a lot of terminology flung around here that is insufficiently explained. What exactly is meant, for example, by “false negative” and “false positive” rates? “median, first quartile, and third quartile”? 



9.This interesting effort reminds one of the biblical tale of trying to extract water from a stone in the desert; from this metaphor, you may gather that we conclude that the effort did not yield useful data. 



10. I want to vomit; I can’t believe this paper was submitted.




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