10 best reviewer comments in meme: part 2

As a follow on from my earlier post entitled “10 best reviewer comments in meme” and after having myself gotten some reviewer comments back last week, I would like to present 10 more memes from the website Sh*t my reviewer say. Enjoy!

1. Reject – More holes than my grandad’s string vest!


2. This paper is meticulously researched. I do not recommend it for publication.


3. I don’t believe in simulations


4. I was only able to get a single reviewer and rather than make you wait longer, I decided to use the single review and my own independent reading. Unfortunately, my own reaction differed from the reviewer’s reaction (scroll down below my signature). That is, the reviewer reacted positively whereas I reacted negatively and it is my reaction that counts.


5. This paper is so bad, it would take an entire 20 page paper to describe all the problems it has. And even after that I’m not sure it would be worth publishing


6. I am pretty sure that there are a number of mistakes, but I gave up pointing out them all because even the author apparently doesn’t consider this manuscript as a good scientific presentation.


7. The reported mean of 7.7 is misleading because it appears that close to half of your participants are scoring below that mean


8. Can you explain this part a bit further, but without going into detail.


9. Who are and where did they come from? That is, why was this obsucre and arbitrary method chosen?


10. Not sure how to say this diplomatically, but the manuscript is really dull



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