10 best reviewer comments in meme

Ah the joy of getting comments back from reviewers! There’s nothing quite like being insulted by a peer… Here are some of the funniest ones I found on the website “Shit my reviewers say”. Because it’s the holidays and I am procrastinating I made some memes here. Enjoy!

1. “If philosophy of science was not taught in the author’s doctoral program, (s)he needs to go back and dope slap his/her major professor.”


2. “This paper is so devoid of content it should be rejected outright.”


3. “For a section on thought, very little seems to have gone into it.”


4. ” The conclusion is something of a shaggy dog. “


5. “[REDACTED]’s talks are popular, but then so are Ke$ha concerts.”


6. “What is a ‘systematic’ review? I have never heard of an unsystematic review. “


7. “Unless the authors performed some clever pagan ritual before euthanizing the animals I would use ‘killed’ (or ‘euthanized’) instead of ‘sacrificed'”


8.”I started to review this but could not get much past the abstract.”


9. “The author’s spelling of coordinate, while technically correct, is arcane and annoying.”


10. “The writing and data presentation are so bad that I had to leave work and go home early and then spend time to wonder what life is about”

Edit: I’ve done some more reviewer memes here.


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